2014-07-11 • CELEBRATION

The celebration of the Transfer of the Relics of the Blessed Theodore and of the 25th Anniversary of the coming out of our church from the underground

Thousands of people from all over the eparchy gathered for the celebration. Everybody was willing to share the joy that touches all of us...

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2014-06-23 • EVENT

Four Hundred Years Of The Catholic Education

On The Territory Of Mukachevo Greek-Catholic Eparchy

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2013-08-02 • CELEBRATION

Eparchial anniversary

His Eminence Archbishop Nikola Eterovic attended the celebration of the feast of the Transference of the Relics of the Blessed Martyr Theodore Romzha.

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2013-08-02 • ANNIVERSARY

Saints Cyril and Methodius – highly honored in Transcarpathia

Mukachevo Greek Catholic Eparchy celebrated the 1150th anniversary of the evangelization by Saints Cyril and Methodius, the teachers and enlighteners of Slavs, with few solemnities.

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2013-06-26 • PLACES

Goriany Rotunda became a Marian pilgrimage place

From now Goriany Rotunda of the Holy Protection is a Marian pilgrimage place endowed with great spiritual indulgences.

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2013-03-01 • CELEBRATION

Father Nil Yuriy Luschak OFM Ordained as Auxuliary Bishop of Mukachevo

UŽHOROD – On Saturday, January 12,2013 in the Greek Catholic Cathedral of Holy Cross of the Eparchy of Mukachevo, Father Yuriy Nil Luscak, OFM was ordained to the episcopacy and appointed Auxiliary Bishopof the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo.The principal consecrating bishop was Bishop Milan Šašik, Bishop of the Eparchy of Mukachevo.Co-consecrators included Archbishop Cyril Vasyl, Secretary of the Congregation of Eastern Churches, and Metropolitan William Skurla of the Byzantine Catholic Church of Pittsburgh,USA.

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2012-02-16 • NEWS

Pilgrimage of the Mukachevo Eparchy faithful to the Vatican

Over 400 pilgrims from Transcarpathia visited Rome and Vatican City in Italy from December 11 - 18, 2011. In 2011, our Mukachevo Eparchy celebrated a chain of jubilees related to the Blessed Martyr Theodore Romzha: the 100th year of his birth; the 75th year of his priestly ordination and the 10th year of his beatification. For that reason among many others, a pilgrimage to Rome was planned, where also 75 years ago Blessed Theodore was ordained as a priest. And God made it happen so that exactly this year, in 2011, and not in 2012 as was earlier planned, the Christmas tree for Saint Peter's Square was chosen from Theodore’s native Transcarpathia.

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2011-07-12 • JUBILEE

Three Days of Blessed Theodore Romzha

The Eparchy of Mukachevo held a three day celebration to mark the Jubilee year of +Blessed Theodore Romzha. The celebration took place from June 26 - 28, 2011. Remembering the 100th anniversary of +Blessed Theodore's birth (1911), the tenth anniversary of his beatification as "blessed" (2001) and the 75th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood (1936), the three days were jointly led by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, His Eminence, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri of Rome and the bishop of the Eparchy of Mukachevo, Most Reverend Milan Sasik, CM.

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2014-06-23 • EVENT

Four Hundred Years Of The Catholic Education

This is the theme of an international conference which took place from February 28th till March 1st and was organized by the Mukachevo Greek-Catholic Eparchy.

This event was set in the Uzhhorod Theological Academy of the Blessed Theodore Romzha with the aim to emphasize the determinant role of the Catholic Church  in the intellectual formation on the territory of Mukachevo Eparchy and first of all in Uzhhorod for centuries.

The High School led by Jesuits first risen in Humenne started in Uzhhorod back in the 40s of the XVII century. Founded as a theological school in Mukachevo, the Seminary then was transferred to Uzhhorod castle in 1778. In addition, it is worth to notice that Jesuit College, High School, Greek-Catholic Seminary of Three Hierarchs, Seminary for the Cantors and Teachers were the only schools for higher education till the mid-twentieth century. These educational institutions were preparing the personnel for the formative work in the elementary and middle schools which provided basic education to the inhabitants of the region. Moreover, the Uzhhorod Theological Academy of the Blessed Theodore Romzha is one of the oldest in Ukraine.

The scholars from Ukraine, Italy, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary took part in the conference. Following are some of the subjects that were treated during the conference: “The Autonomy of the Science and the Attempts to Ideologize the Sciences”, “Methodology of the Historical Sciences and Some Methodological Malpractice”, “The University of  Trnava and its influence on the formation of clergy of Mukachevo Eparchy”.

Special guest, such as Archbishop Cyril Vasyl, SJ, the Secretary of the Congregation for the Oriental Churches (Rome, Italy), the Eparchial Bishop of Mukachevo Milan Šašik CM, the rector of the Uzhhorod Theological Academy archimandrite Petro-Pavlo Beresh, PhD, as well as fr. Yuriy Oros and fr. Vasyl Pidhirskyy professors of the Theological Academy came to meet the journalists.

The talkers gave the presentation also of the current state of the catholic education in Mukachevo Eparchy on the press conference. Firstly, all the educational institutions were mentioned: Uzhhorod Greek-Catholic Academy with its 78 students, Cantor School, Catechetical Institute, Icon School, High School of  Oleksandr Stojka in Karachyn and three kindergartens. It is very few by comparison with the time before the liquidation. Unfortunately the high theological education is not recognized by the Ukrainian government. Moreover, as Bishop Milan states, the Church should have the possibility to found the schools with government funding. Today it is very important since the Church could take active part in this way in the formation of the youth.

The choir of the Blessed Theodore Romzha performed celebrating its 180th Anniversary on the occasion of the conference in the Uzhhorod Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on February 28th in the evening.