2014-07-11 • CELEBRATION

The celebration of the Transfer of the Relics of the Blessed Theodore and of the 25th Anniversary of the coming out of our church from the underground

Thousands of people from all over the eparchy gathered for the celebration. Everybody was willing to share the joy that touches all of us...

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2014-06-23 • EVENT

Four Hundred Years Of The Catholic Education

On The Territory Of Mukachevo Greek-Catholic Eparchy

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2013-08-02 • CELEBRATION

Eparchial anniversary

His Eminence Archbishop Nikola Eterovic attended the celebration of the feast of the Transference of the Relics of the Blessed Martyr Theodore Romzha.

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2013-08-02 • ANNIVERSARY

Saints Cyril and Methodius – highly honored in Transcarpathia

Mukachevo Greek Catholic Eparchy celebrated the 1150th anniversary of the evangelization by Saints Cyril and Methodius, the teachers and enlighteners of Slavs, with few solemnities.

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2013-06-26 • PLACES

Goriany Rotunda became a Marian pilgrimage place

From now Goriany Rotunda of the Holy Protection is a Marian pilgrimage place endowed with great spiritual indulgences.

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2013-03-01 • CELEBRATION

Father Nil Yuriy Luschak OFM Ordained as Auxuliary Bishop of Mukachevo

UŽHOROD – On Saturday, January 12,2013 in the Greek Catholic Cathedral of Holy Cross of the Eparchy of Mukachevo, Father Yuriy Nil Luscak, OFM was ordained to the episcopacy and appointed Auxiliary Bishopof the Greek Catholic Eparchy of Mukachevo.The principal consecrating bishop was Bishop Milan Šašik, Bishop of the Eparchy of Mukachevo.Co-consecrators included Archbishop Cyril Vasyl, Secretary of the Congregation of Eastern Churches, and Metropolitan William Skurla of the Byzantine Catholic Church of Pittsburgh,USA.

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2012-02-16 • NEWS

Pilgrimage of the Mukachevo Eparchy faithful to the Vatican

Over 400 pilgrims from Transcarpathia visited Rome and Vatican City in Italy from December 11 - 18, 2011. In 2011, our Mukachevo Eparchy celebrated a chain of jubilees related to the Blessed Martyr Theodore Romzha: the 100th year of his birth; the 75th year of his priestly ordination and the 10th year of his beatification. For that reason among many others, a pilgrimage to Rome was planned, where also 75 years ago Blessed Theodore was ordained as a priest. And God made it happen so that exactly this year, in 2011, and not in 2012 as was earlier planned, the Christmas tree for Saint Peter's Square was chosen from Theodore’s native Transcarpathia.

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2011-07-12 • JUBILEE

Three Days of Blessed Theodore Romzha

The Eparchy of Mukachevo held a three day celebration to mark the Jubilee year of +Blessed Theodore Romzha. The celebration took place from June 26 - 28, 2011. Remembering the 100th anniversary of +Blessed Theodore's birth (1911), the tenth anniversary of his beatification as "blessed" (2001) and the 75th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood (1936), the three days were jointly led by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Eastern Churches, His Eminence, Cardinal Leonardo Sandri of Rome and the bishop of the Eparchy of Mukachevo, Most Reverend Milan Sasik, CM.

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2011-02-20 • RENOVATION

Solemn consecration of the new altar and Episcopal chapel with renovated frescos of Josyp Bokshay.

On February 20th 2011 Bishop Milan consecrated Episcopal chapel situated on
second floor of the Episcopal Residence in Uzhgorod. This event was long awaited
even since 2004 when the chapel was returned to our Eparchy and the restoration
works started.

His Excellency also consecrated new altar skillfully produced by the carver Josyp
Volosjansjkyj and after that there was celebrated Hierarchical Divine Liturgy.
Significant was the fact that the Word of God during the Liturgy was announced from
the Holy Gospel personally granted to the cathedral church by the Bishop Andrey
Bachinskiy on August 2nd 1775. It was printed at the Pochaev Lavra of the Dormition
of the Order of Saint Basil the Great in 1759 (at that time Monastery was Greek
Catholic). During the Liturgy there were used trikirion and dikirion (triple-branched
and double-branched candelabrum – symbols of the Most Holy Trinity and Divine
and human natures of our Lord Jesus Christ), granted by Empress Maria Theresa
that were used yet by Vladyka Andrej. All the faithful present at the Liturgical service
Vladyka Milan blessed with the Cross of the Bishop Andrej…

After the Holy Liturgy Vladyka Milan rewarded with Hierarchal charters of thanks
people that in different way contributed to the successful revival of the chapel:
Anatoliy Holovnych, Volodymyr Chubirka, Andriy Andrijev, Fedor Sokhanych,
Volodymyr Khymynets, Larysa Riznytska and Mykhaylo Pryjmych, and letters of
thanks were given to the artists Josyp Volosjanskyj and Pavlo Kovach.

Also Vladyka invested Maria Badyda and Basyl Kovach with order of Andrej
Bachinskyj of the 2nd degree, and Bolodymyr Hisema with order of Anderj Bachinskyj
of the 3rd degree – Maecenas that greatly contributed to the restoration of the chapel.
For the financial support in the restoration of the building of Episcopal Residence
also benefactor Andrij Udovchenko received order of Vladyka Bachinskyj of the 3rd

Bishop Milan thanked everyone that was engaged in restoration, worked on renewal
of the interior, all who came to this significant event, especially the cathedral choir of
the Blessed Theodore, which chanted during the Liturgy.

From now on the chapel will bear the name of the Apostle Saint Peter and will
become spiritual heart of the Episcopal Residence. At present the entire building
undergoes active revival.

Photos from the event

Historical reference

In 1780 Bishop Andrej Bachinskyj transferred the residence of the bishops of the
Mukachevo Greek Catholic eparchy from Mukachevo to Uzhgorod to the new built
Residence and Cathedral church. For everyday prayers and Holy Liturgy Vladyka
created a chapel at the Episcopal chamber where members of the Eparchy Chapter
headed by Bishop already in 1777 for the first time celebrated Divine Liturgy on the
feast of Dormition of the Mother of God. The chapel then was consecrated in her

In 1846 there was built new Episcopal chapel of the Dormition of the Mother
of God during the rule of the Bishop Vasyl Popovych. There was set up a new
altar, a credence tables and new icons written by the Georgiy Reyves. Altar was
embroidered by the altar icon of the Dormition of the Holy Theotokos and below with
the Lord’s Supper. On credence tables there were placed icons of Crucifixion and
Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. In the chapel there were also icons of Saint
Nicolas, Saint John the Baptist, Protomartyr and deacon Saint Steven, Saint Barbara
and icon of the Holy Annunciation. Besides there were two icons yet from the times of
Vladyka Bachynskyj - the Savior and the Holy Theotokos.

Again the chapel was renewed at the time of Bishop Julij Firtsak. On the altar there
was placed new Ark to keep the Holy Relics.

In 1927 on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Uzhgorod
Holy Cross cathedral Bishop Petro Gebey renewed the chapel. New frescos were
done by the eparchy artist Josyp Bokshay.

Last renewal of the chapel before the liquidation of the Mukachevo Greek Catholic
eparchy took place during the rule of Bishop Olexander Stojka. In 1940s wood
carver Ivan Pavlyshynets made a new altar and attributes according to the sketches
of Josyp Bokshay. The ark depicted the twelve Apostles and above - a glass
The repository for Holy Gifts had an appearance of silver dove crowned by a golden
crown. “Eternal light” was located in the golden baroque luster. Walls and ceiling
were newly ornamented by the paintings of Josyp Bokshay.

In July 1947 there was issued a document about the confiscation of the Residence
and cathedral church from Greek Catholics, which was executed on February 16th
1949. In 1950 the building of the Residence together with the chapel totalitarian
soviet system gave into the disposition of the Uzhgorod State University to be used
as library. The chapel was refurnished for the book storage room and with a lapse of
time suffered damage.

On September 24th 2004 local authorities returned the chapel to our eparchy, which
afterwards was restored by the scientists and experts from L’viv National Academy
of Art. On February 20th 2011 Bishop Milan Sasik solemnly consecrated renewed